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Dog Moms are the new MILFS Vinyl Sticker

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2.95" x 1.16"Ā Dog Moms are the new MILFS waterproof vinyl stickerĀ šŸ¾

Features + Benefits

  • BPIĀ® Certified Compostable (ASTM D6400)
  • OK Compost certified
  • Each roll comes with 15 bags
  • 100% plastic free, eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable
  • Suitable for a variety of pet waste including dog poop and cat litter
  • Biodegrade fully in 3-6 months
  • Unscented
  • Durable and leak proof, designed to handle even the biggestĀ poops
  • Designed in Canada, printed in China

Made from

CornstarchĀ which is the starch derived from corn grain.

PLA and PBAT are renewable bio-based plant materialsĀ which fully break down when returned to the soil, leaving zero toxins or chemicals behind.

Responsibly dispose of pet waste

While our compostable pet waste bags are BPI certified compostable, it does not mean that your municipality waste collection service will accept pet wasteĀ as part ofĀ their home compost waste collection or commercial composting facilities.

For responsible pet waste disposal in your area, pleaseĀ searchĀ where you liveĀ along with pet waste disposal and you should see whether or not pet waste can be collected or commercially composted in your area.

ToĀ help limit the amount ofĀ pet wasteĀ ending up in the landfill some other eco-friendly options are flushing the pet waste (neverĀ inĀ any bag - it will clog!) down theĀ toilet, using a designated pet waste disposal service (Google search where you live and see if there are services offered in your area). You can even create your own at home designated dog waste composter!

Our dog poop bagsĀ are designed to offer a more eco-friendly and plastic free alternative to conventionalĀ plastic poop bags so even if you dispose of your dog poop in a garbage can at home or while out and about you can rest easy knowing thatĀ the bag will fully break down in a matter of months at a landfill leaving zero waste behind.

Where to buy

Buy online hereĀ or in store with one of our pawsome retail partners!

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